Temporada 3 Episódio 1

Assistir Before the Storm S06E13


After winning last season's showdown, Jerry Campbell is the Hog Boss in Texas. Business is booming, but Krystal, Robert and Lea aren't seeing any of the profits. They all point to Jerry's new hobby of "investing" in Texas "artifacts" as the main reason, and it all comes to a head when Jerry ruins a hunt because he lost his latest prize: a pipe that was allegedly smoked during the Battle of the Alamo. Meanwhile Ronnie Creek, the loser of last season's finale, is obsessed with his loss to Jerry Campbell. When his teammate Cody checks in on him at home, he finds Ronnie shooting effigies of Jerry in the backyard. He drags Ronnie to their latest client and when the rancher mentions a 500-pound hog on the property, Ronnie becomes convinced his redemption lies in taking down this "Hogzilla.


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



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