Temporada 1 Episódio 2

Assistir Junkyard Hog S2021E165


After the loss of his lead hunting dog, Rooster, Jerry is ready to call off the hunts for a while he trains a new dog. But Krystal and Robert are desperate to keep their fledgling business alive. Against Jerry's advice, Robert invests in a new dog, Creager, hoping he can lead the pack. But a hunt at an auto salvage yard leaves Jerry with doubts over the new dog's abilities. When a call comes in from a ranch owner with livestock being eaten by hogs, Jerry and the kids take the job. The future of the family business, and Robert's reputation, depend on whether the new dog has what it takes to replace Rooster.


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 1ª Temporada de American Hoggers

Data Seu Status
9 16/11/2011 Não Visto
8 09/11/2011 Não Visto
7 09/11/2011 Não Visto
6 02/11/2011 Não Visto
5 02/11/2011 Não Visto
4 26/10/2011 Não Visto
3 26/10/2011 Não Visto
2 19/10/2011 Não Visto
1 19/10/2011 Não Visto
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