Temporada 2 Episódio 1

Assistir Episode 1 S14E04


Terry and Jan are very much the loved-up couple in this series two opener, but a boat-rocking appearance from a creative writing tutor with an extracurricular interest in Jan doesn't bode well. Daughter Charlie, meanwhile, puts on a brave face as she reconsiders her future following an accident on a building site. It's not all doom and gloom, though, and Gravy and Grandad keep themselves entertained by looking for gold in the garden. Their luck seems to be in when they stumble upon a buried treasure chest, albeit one containing valued, if not valuable, items. The episode's high point, however, comes courtesy of Reuben. Roping in Fergie and Uncle Loz - who is now working as an art teacher - the youngster has to overcome his fair share of obstacles in order to ask Bell a very big question.


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 2ª Temporada de Starlings

Data Seu Status
8 20/08/2013 Não Visto
7 13/08/2013 Não Visto
6 06/08/2013 Não Visto
5 30/07/2013 Não Visto
4 23/07/2013 Não Visto
3 16/07/2013 Não Visto
2 09/07/2013 Não Visto
1 02/07/2013 Não Visto


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