Temporada 2 Episódio 5

Assistir Episode 5 S14E04


Jan heads off on another class outing, this time an overnight stay at a picturesque hotel, tasked to "either write something worth reading or do something worth writing". The assignment is the last thing on her mind, though. Feeling increasingly singled out, Jan asks tutor Stephen why he showers her with so much attention, and is blindsided by his reply. None the wiser, husband Terry gets suited and booted for the opening of Rodney's Bistro, despite feeling poorly. The world of online dating isn't for everyone, including Grandad, who decides to log off after a disastrous date - denture talk is a big no, no. Things look up, however, when he bumps into the delightful Molly on the bus (played by Una Stubbs). Meanwhile, Gravy and Coggie gather evidence to prove they're a couple, and Loz starts to feel increasingly uncomfortable about Fergie and Judith's history together.


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 2ª Temporada de Starlings

Data Seu Status
8 20/08/2013 Não Visto
7 13/08/2013 Não Visto
6 06/08/2013 Não Visto
5 30/07/2013 Não Visto
4 23/07/2013 Não Visto
3 16/07/2013 Não Visto
2 09/07/2013 Não Visto
1 02/07/2013 Não Visto


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