Temporada 2 Episódio 6

Assistir Episode 6 S14E04


The Starlings nest is well and truly rocked this week, first nudged by the unexpected arrival of Sandra, Jan's sister and Fergie's estranged mum (Deborah Findlay). To say that mother and son have some issues to iron out is a huge understatement. Grandad, meanwhile, turns down a dancing date with Molly, and Reuben fails to make the most of his alone time with Bell. No-one likes to receive the silent treatment and Jan is an absolute pro at administering it, shunning Gravy over his impromptu engagement, and giving young Charlie a dose because of her newfound interest in motorbikes. Jan's mood further tumbles when Terry tries to persuade her to consider the move to Majorca, a heated conversation that leaves the pair at loggerheads. The closing scene, however, puts everything on hold.


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 2ª Temporada de Starlings

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