Temporada 1 Episódio 1

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Jana and her business partner Yannick are looking forward to the new collection, which should arrive soon for their boutique in Antwerpen. Her brother Guido reminds her about their father's birthday. She can't show up two years in a row, so she goes to see him. She receives a warm welcome in Terhaven, but her father looks very concerned with something. But then she receives a phone call from Yannick. The shipment of the new collection has gone wrong and she has to go back immediately. A few days later her father is found dead on the banks of the Schelde. Was it suicide or was there more? And what is the role of Alexander Vorlat in all of this. He was supposed to be her father's best friend. Or was he?


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 1ª Temporada de Stille waters

Data Seu Status
13 03/03/2002 Não Visto
12 24/02/2002 Não Visto
11 17/02/2002 Não Visto
10 10/02/2002 Não Visto
9 03/02/2002 Não Visto
8 27/01/2002 Não Visto
7 20/01/2002 Não Visto
6 13/01/2002 Não Visto
5 06/01/2002 Não Visto
4 30/12/2001 Não Visto
3 23/12/2001 Não Visto
2 16/12/2001 Não Visto
1 09/12/2001 Não Visto
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