Temporada 1 Episódio 6

Assistir Episode #1.6 S06E13


Ben Vorlat signs the petition. This divides the family in two. Alex tries to drown his problems in alcohol and goes to Wendy. But she is busy with another client at the club. Alex tries to buy the client out, but he is not impressed. Very drunk Alex takes his frustrations out on Claudine in a terrible way. Prosecutor Van Wallegem starts to have doubts and investigates the case of Sven Borgmans from five years ago. He turns to the attorney of law Hervé with his findings. At last Hervé tells him how that was his last case as a prosecutor and he got too scared to continue after he found out the truth. He urges Van Wallegem to stop for the good of public interest. What will Van Wallegem do?


- Nota Média Série

- Bob Séries



Todos Episódios da 1ª Temporada de Stille waters

Data Seu Status
13 03/03/2002 Não Visto
12 24/02/2002 Não Visto
11 17/02/2002 Não Visto
10 10/02/2002 Não Visto
9 03/02/2002 Não Visto
8 27/01/2002 Não Visto
7 20/01/2002 Não Visto
6 13/01/2002 Não Visto
5 06/01/2002 Não Visto
4 30/12/2001 Não Visto
3 23/12/2001 Não Visto
2 16/12/2001 Não Visto
1 09/12/2001 Não Visto
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