Assistir マドラックス (2004)

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Madlax is a 26-episode Japanese anime television series produced in 2004 by the Bee Train animation studio. Kōichi Mashimo directed Madlax and the soundtrack was composed by Yuki Kajiura. The DVD version was released by ADV Films in North America and the United Kingdom and by Madman Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand. The story revolves around two young women who seemingly have little in common and do not know of the other's existence at the beginning. The eponymous Madlax is a legendary mercenary and assassin in the fictional civil war-torn country of Gazth-Sonika, who cannot remember her past or indeed her real name before twelve years ago, when the war started. The other main character is Margaret Burton, the sole heir of a wealthy aristocratic family in the peaceful European country Nafrece. Twelve years before the story begins, an airliner Margaret and her mother were on crashed over Gazth-Sonika, and its passengers, as well as Margaret's father who led the rescuers, have been missing ever since. Margaret, however, mysteriously traveled back to Nafrece on her own, losing her memories prior to her return; the only thing she recalls is a single word, "Madlax". With this thread linking the two girls, they both independently start investigating the powerful crime syndicate Enfant after its enigmatic mastermind shows interest in both of them.


Todas Temporadas e Episódios de マドラックス

Capa 1ªTemporada

1ª Temporada (26 episódios)

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Mais informações
Status Encerrada
Nome no Brasil Madlax
Emissora TV Tokyo
País de Origem País de Origem
Gênero(s) Ação, Aventura, Drama
Num Episódio Seu Status
26 Broken Pieces -pupil- Não Visto
25 Holy Blood -saint- Não Visto
24 Devoting Heart -heart- Não Visto
23 Straying Heart -doubt- Não Visto
22 Shooting Emotion -rage- Não Visto
21 Light Confession -guilty- Não Visto
20 True Fight -wish- Não Visto
19 Target Book -holy- Não Visto
18 Double Separation -duo- Não Visto
17 Instant Death -reunion- Não Visto
16 Gun Rhyme -moment- Não Visto
15 False Dispute - camouflage - Não Visto
14 Forgotten Memory -memory- Não Visto
13 Awakening Sound -awake- Não Visto
12 Lost Will -close- Não Visto
11 Foreign Country -object- Não Visto
10 Erosion -dive- Não Visto
9 Remaining Scent -scent- Não Visto
8 Soul Word -soul- Não Visto
7 Picture Book -nature- Não Visto
6 Will -leave- Não Visto
5 Non-Existent -none- Não Visto
4 Temptation -ask- Não Visto
3 Blue Moon -moon- Não Visto
2 Crimson Moon -crimson- Não Visto
1 Gun Dance -dance- Não Visto

Elenco マドラックス

Imagens da Série マドラックス

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