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The Morbegs was a popular Irish children's television show which was transmitted every weekday and was occasionally aired on The Den in Ireland, from 1995-1999. It starred two larger than life-size creatures called Molly and Rossa, who came from a mythical place called Morbeg Land. They lived in a castle somewhere in Ireland, and were looked after by various magical, wise wizards. Rossa was voiced by Diarmuid de Faoite and Dominic Moore. Molly was voiced by Majella Horan and Tara Flynn. Dancers inside the body puppets included Cindy Cummings and Ruby Worth. The two Morbegs appeared alongside various human actors, including James Reilly, now owner of Salthill Casino, and Carrie Crowley. Often parts of the show were in simple Irish. The target age range was 3-6 years.


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