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The Noise was a magazine show broadcast on ITV in 1996, presented by Andi Peters. It was broadcast after the CITV Saturday morning slot at 11am, and was all about music. The title sequence to the show depicts two middle-aged ladies enjoying tea and cakes together. While in the next room, a beat box speaker is playing a noisy tune which is disturbing both of the ladies. The loudness of the beat box causes the ladies room to vibrate vigorously, until it breaks through the wall to the ladies room and generates a swirl from its main speaker, sucking both of the ladies inside it as if it were a black hole. The titles were created by LWT's Bill Wilson, and the instrumental theme tune was composed by the synthpop duo, Pet Shop Boys. The show performed as a flop with television audiences, and was never scheduled for a second series. Julian Turner appeared on the show as an assistant to Andi Peters, but left the show during the series due to artistic differences, and went on to pursue a successful career in international finance.


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Gênero(s) Ação, Aventura, Drama
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