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The Real GoodFella is a programme that aired on British TV in April 2006. It was made by Class Films and is narrated by Richard Dillane. The show features Henry Hill, Martin Scorsese, Nicholas Pileggi, Gus Russo, Marie Jones, Alfie McNeil, FBI agent Edward McDonald, and Joe Hill. It shows surveillance footage of mob capo Paul Vario's crew and photographs of Jimmy Burke and Paul Vario. The programme gives Henry Hill's personal opinion on what happened, as well as the testimonies of eyewitnesses. It also features an excerpt of a 1978 news report on the famed Lufthansa heist and footage of a newspaper column printed at the same time. The show details information about Henry Hill's life as a chef at an Italian restaurant in the Midwest. It tells of how he was smuggled onto the set of Goodfellas in 1990. He speaks about phone calls from Robert De Niro, who played Jimmy Burke's character in the film Goodfellas, and his most recent criminal act, the smuggling of drugs through an airport terminal. He also tells of the cultural clash which he is still experiencing in the Midwest, even 25 years after he left New York City.


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