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"Yorktown: A Time to Heal" is a non-profit fan film produced by Stan Woo. Production on the film began in 1985, and stars George Takei (Star Trek) and James Shigeta (Die Hard). The 25 year old film was shot on 8mm. For over 20 years, the unfinished film was put on hiatus. In 2010, actor/producer John Atkin (Code Breakers) contacted Stan Woo about the unfinished film, and together they recruited a team of volunteer professionals to help finish the project. This team includes famed illustrator Andrew Probert (Back to the Future), FX artist Roland Baron (The Fountain of Life), and composer Christopher Barr (The Wizard of Stone Mountain). The scenes that were never filmed in the 1980s, featuring the attack on the USS Yorktown, were filmed in Vancouver in 2013, and in November 2015, additional scenes were filmed in Ticonderoga, New York on the Star Trek: Phase II sets. Captain's Log: Having escaped capture by the Klingons, a damaged Starfleet reconnaissance probe crashes undetected on the planet Pahl III. Hikaru Sulu, serving as first officer on the retrofitted USS Yorktown, is sent by Admiral Nogura on a secret mission to help locate the missing spy drone. In order to prevent a catastrophic war from igniting with the Klingons, the USS Yorktown (under the command of Captain Bradley Frame) races against time to quickly find the lost drone, with orders to conceal its existence. At the same time, a terrorist group called S.H.A.R.K. discover the drone's location, and plot to steal the device and use it for their own nefarious means.


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Criador Jem Ong Woo
Gênero(s) Ação, Aventura, Drama
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1 A Time To Heal Não Visto

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